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Version: 4.8.0


Welcome to the SuperViz docs. Here you’ll learn how to implement SuperViz into your 3D or digital twin web app.

Our developer tools enables you to add immersive meetings and collaboration to your 3D or digital twin web app with just a few lines of code. SuperViz provides a fully functional video conference platform syncronized with an advanced realtime data engine that enables collaboration inside spatial content.

SuperViz developer tools consists of 3 main blocks. Engine (SDK), Plugins and Rest API. Below you find a diagram of the 3 main blocks.



Before you can use SuperViz developer tools, you'll need an account. Head over to Setting up your account if you haven’t created an account yet.

If this is the first time you’ve heard of our SuperViz, we suggest you try one of our demo meetings here.

Also, go ahead and take a look at our Key concepts section which explains the most used concepts in our SDK.

We are happy to help and would love to hear your feature requests and feedback. We use Github's issue management to track everything.  Feel free to create tickets, and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Access our GitHub issue management here: GitHub - SuperViz SDK Issues

Happy coding!

SuperViz Team