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Mouse Pointers


The Real-time Mouse Pointers feature enables real-time tracking of participants' cursor movements, allowing seamless collaboration within the same room.

Before we start

Before utilizing the Mouse Pointers component, it is essential to initialize a room with a defined name and ID for the participant and for the group. You will also need an HTML canvas element identified by a specific id on your web page. New HTML elements will be added in the future.

How to use

To add a Mouse Pointers component to a canvas HTML element, with one ID defined, on your web page, use the following code, on your HTML file:

<canvas elementId="my-id" width="200" height="100"></canvas>

And in your JavaScript file:

import { MousePointers } from "@superviz/sdk/lib/components"

const mousePointers = new MousePointers("my-id");


See below the parameters to use when initializing the Mouse Pointers:

containerstringRequired. Specifies the id of the canvas HTML element where the "Mouse Pointers" component will be displayed.

Participant limits

It’s important to note that the room supports up to 16 attendees.