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Welcome to the SuperViz SDK Quickstart guide. In this guide, we provide a straightforward step-by-step process to help you integrate our SDK. Depending on your preference, we’ve detailed methods using React, JavaScript with package manager and JavaScript CDN.

1 Before we start

Make sure your development environment has Node.js (v14 or more recent) and npm/yarn installed.

2 Install the package

Install SuperViz SDK in your Node.js-powered apps with the npm package:


npm install --save @superviz/react-sdk


yarn add @superviz/react-sdk

3 Import the Room

Once installed, import the Room to your code:

import { SuperVizRoomProvider } from "@superviz/react-sdk";

4 Initialize the SDK

After importing the provider, you can start the room by passing your developer key and the room parameters as properties of the provider. The room provider is the primary gateway to access all SDK functions.

id: "<GROUP-ID>",
name: "<GROUP-NAME>",
id: "<USER-ID>",
name: "<USER-NAME>",

5 Add one of the SDK Components to the room

Once instantiated, you can add one of our components to your application:


Check out the Samples for each component of our SDK to help you get started. It has samples using JavaScript (as CDN and as a package), TypeScript, React, or Vue.