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Webhooks Overview

Webhooks is a resource that allows you to receive notifications from the server when a specific event occurs. The server sends a POST request to the URL you specify in the webhook when the event occurs. You can use webhooks to receive notifications for various events such as new mentions that occur when using Contextual Comments.

How to receive Webhook notifications

To receive webhook notifications, you need to go to the developer section of the dashboard and add a new webhook.

When adding a new webhook, you need to specify the URL where you want to receive the notifications, the description, and a token if necessary. You can also specify the events you want to receive notifications for.

Events basic structure

All events have the following structure:

idstringThe event's unique identifier.
typestringThe event's name.
messagestringThe event's data, please check the specific event for more details about its data.

Webhook Events

The following events are available for webhooks: