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Tele-health application with AI generated summaries

Telehealth applications have been a growing trend since COVID-19 impacted the world. This demo demonstrates how to use the SuperViz Video SDK in conjunction with our AI Transcript API. By combining these technologies, doctors can generate powerful meeting insights, streamline workflows, and enhance productivity through automated task extraction.

How to use

Select the first 'Next appointment' button. Click 'START' to initiate a simulated video conference with a patient. Next you'll have to accpt access to your camera and Mic.

Please note, that this is a simulated meeting and you'll be alone and no-one are able to see, hear or record you during the demo.

A meeting settings window will appear with the pre-set name 'John'. You can now enter the meeting and you'll see how a consultation and an example of a Meeting dashboard could look like.

Components used



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