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SuperViz v6.3.0

4 min read

This update introduces the Recording feature for our Video Meeting and continues to improve our Real-Time Data Engine.

In addition to the Recording, we've made changes to video-related nomenclatures, i18n keys, icons, and text, and have also added APIs for recording retrieval.

With our Real-time Data Engine, we have introduced new endpoints to facilitate operations with the channels that we made available in our previous update.

SuperViz v6.2.0

2 min read

We have released SuperViz SDK v6.2.0. This release includes a couple of new features for our Real-time Data Engine: the ability to create multiple channels and to receive real-time data through a webhook. We also made huge improvements to all Presence components, like Who-is-Online, 3D components, and Mouse Pointers, as well as in our Video Conference.

SuperViz v5.7.1

2 min read

Hey there! We have some new features, improvements, and fixes that we'd like to share with you. Here's everything you need to know about SuperViz v5.7.1.

SuperViz Plugins Update

One min read

We fixed an issue in which the displayed avatar would not be the previously selected one.

This update only applies to the Matterport, Autodesk Viewer, and ThreeJS plugins. No need to update the SDK.

Version numbers

The changes mentioned above are available in the following versions:


SuperViz v5.6.0

4 min read

Howdy! We are happy to announce the release of SuperViz v5.6.0. This update includes the ability to organize the participants in groups, and the ability to mention a participant in a comment. We have also added more ways to interact with the comments, and we have updated the events to make sure they are consistent with our naming conventions.