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Collaborative Whiteboard with SuperViz

Whiteboards, mind maps, design tools, and brainstorming tools are all common instruments used in various settings. Collaboration for these tools is now a default feature expected in modern tools. With SuperViz, you can easily implement collaboration features into your tool, whether it is based on HTML Canvas, SVGs, or any other approach.

How to use

Contextual Comments

Click on the comment button in the header to activate contextual comments. Click anywhere on the canvas to add a pin and write a comment.

Click on an already added pin to reply to an existing comment, resolve a comment, or mention someone from the team.


Seeing who is online within the same document is an essential part of remote collaboration. Click on your or other participants' avatars to activate presence controls such as ‘Everyone Follows Me’ and ‘Gather All’.

Other participants can always see where your mouse is, which makes it easy to identify the subject of discussion.

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